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Better breathing, easier management.

We are a virtual respiratory practice that makes it easy to provide personalized disease management and life-saving care, all while reducing costs.

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More than 65% of Asthma and COPD patients struggle to manage their illness leading to unnecessary hospitalization and poor quality of life. Management of respiratory care doesn't have to be that difficult.

We make it easy to take the unknown and unmanageable out of respiratory illness and give control back to the patients suffering from it.


Curie AI has developed a patented passive monitoring technology for recognizing the respiratory symptoms patients experience while sleeping. It is delivered through a simple user interface that results in a 98% adherence to daily usage. 

Our Actionable Insights engine then delivers the most accurate insights from the monitoring data to the clinical team in order to provide personalized proactive care for every patient.


Technology that makes
monitoring easy

Our passive contactless monitoring technology has 14 patents allowing for ease of use and 98% adherence resulting in more actionable insights.

Actionable insights for clinicians

With the world’s largest respiratory biomarker dataset of over 1 million hours, our AI will deliver the most accurate and actionable insights to our clinical team to create, and proactively adjust, the best possible treatment plan.


Expert clinical team to provide proactive care

Our skilled respiratory clinicians have every patient's current and historical data at their fingertips right in the Curie AI dashboard. With the ability to use this data and the AI insights, our clinicians can message or video chat directly with patients to deliver a truly personalized experience. Proactive care that leads to fewer exacerbations and a better quality of life.


60% reduction in rescue inhaler use

Regular monitoring leads to better data that translates to better insights. Our clinical team use these insights to be more proactive with adjustments to treatment plans that creates a more stable condition and reduces the need for a rescue inhaler.

ER Visits

80% reduction in ER and hospitalizations visits

ER and hospital visits are costly, scary, and for many respiratory conditions - preventable. With Curie AI's proactive model, patients are more in control and understand how to manage their conditions to avoid the ambulance.

Save momey

$354/mo increase in revenue per patient

New CPT codes for remote monitoring and chronic care management can bring increased revenue to your practice for every COPD Medicare patient.

"We are using Curie to provide remote monitoring for high-risk respiratory patients. Curie's technology has provided tremendous insights regarding nighttime symptoms."

Tonya Winders

Tonya Winders,
President and CEO

Allergy & Asthma Network

"We have seen direct correlation with Curie to be able to predict if a patient is improving or having more severe symptoms."

Dr. James Darragh

Dr. James Darragh,
Chief Medical Officer

San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation (SCAHC)

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  • Patented remote monitoring technology

  • Actionable insights

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